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How do I set up and start my broadcast with OBS?

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Get the most out of your shows with the sound and video quality of a movie!


Sensations can be heightened to the max with OBS, a third-party open broadcast software that will take your shows to the next level.


While using OBS, you'll get to enjoy all the features it offers!


Below, you'll find the step-by-step guide on HOW TO INSTALL AND SET UP OBS.


If you don't already have it, you must first download and install OBS on your computer from the following link (other RTMP apps such as StreamLabs can be used as well). 


The setup is easy if you follow the steps described in the video and the information provided below:





The first step is to look for Controls in the lower right corner of the OBS Studio interface and select Settings.






In this section, you will be able to open and adjust the settings of the required elements: Stream, Output, Audio and Video.





On the Stream menu, the following three fields with the information shown when you choose Broadcast in HD with OBS on the site must be filled in: Service, Server, and Stream Key.







On this section, enter the following information for the OBS basic configuration settings as shown below:


  • Output mode: Advanced
  • Audio track: 1
  • Encoder: Software (x264)
  • Rate control: CBR
  • Video bitrate: 1000 to 1500 Kbps
  • Keyframe interval: 1
  • CPU usage preset: ultrafast
  • Profile: baseline
  • Tune: zerolatency






On the Audio menu, under the General section, you simply need to select the sample rate that matches the following value:


  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz





On the Video menu, it is very important to adjust the settings according to the displayed values:


  • Base (Canvas) resolution: 854×480 (If your OBS does not support 852x480 you can use 1280x720) 
  • Output (Scaled) resolution: 854×480
  • Dowscale filter: Bicubic (Sharpened scaling, 16 samples)
  • Common FPS values: 24 NTSC






To add both devices go to the Sources section within OBS.




In this section the [+] symbol can be used to add a device and the [-] symbol to remove it. To add a camera click the [+] symbol and then select the option: Video capture device.




Press OK and the Properties window to set up the camera will appear. From there, enter the following configuration:


  • Device: Choose the camera installed on your computer
  • Resolution/FPS Type: Custom
  • Resolution: On this section the resolution must always be the same as the one selected in the Video menu
  • FPS: Custom




Then add a MICROPHONE by clicking on the [+] symbol and in the dropdown menu select the option: Audio input capture.




In Device, choose the microphone available on your computer, and select the microphone built into the camera or the one that is set as your default device. Don't forget to accept the changes.




Once all of the configurations listed above have been correctly set, you are ready to start broadcasting on the site using OBS. To start your broadcast with OBS, follow these steps:


In OBS, click on Start Streaming. Up to this point, you are not live yet and no one can see you at this moment.




Then, go to the BROADCAST tab on the site. If all the steps have been followed correctly, the status tab will appear as DETECTED.



If the status is DETECTED, you can now click on Broadcast NOW and you're set, you're now live with OBS! Users can see you.




We wish you a great show!


To adjust settings for increasing the broadcast quality, read more here.


Need further assistance? Contact Support

If you have followed all the steps but the status still appears as Not Detected. Please contact us and we will help you with the setup right away, either via an admin call or a support ticket.


IMPORTANTWhen you broadcast with OBS, first set up the app, then start broadcasting from the site. It's important not to use the camera simultaneously with other applications, otherwise OBS may not detect the device.


NOTE: The broadcast image can be seen in OBS, everything else, such as Privates, chats, games, and interactions with users, will be managed from your broadcast page on our site as usual.

If you broadcast with OBS from your computer and later you want to broadcast from a mobile device, first make sure to log out of the site and OBS sessions, as the broadcasts may interfere with each other.

If users report stuttering, buffering, or delays in your broadcast, they might be using a slow internet connection or a mobile device to watch the broadcast. For this reason, we recommend Minimum settings [SD] with 900 Kbps video bitrate and 20 FPS.

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