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How to protect your privacy

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Under no circumstances will we sell your data to third parties, so be careful not to share it yourself. By personal data, we mean real name, address, phone number, Skype, email, etc.


Keep in mind that, if you don't reveal your personal information, your true identity will not be known.


Please note that anything you broadcast can be seen by others; most of them are here to enjoy and have a good time. However, there is always the possibility that someone, taking advantage of the fact that your show is public, could record your broadcast and eventually share the recording of your show on other sites.


Rest assured that we do everything in our power to minimize such incidents, but in the end, you are responsible for your privacy and image rights.


In this respect, let us offer you some advice:

  • Do not give any personal data or contact info (real name, address, phone number, Skype, etc.) to avoid anyone being able to locate you.
  • If you don't want to be recognized, you can hide your face behind a mask, wear make-up or wigs.
  • Try to hide your distinguishing marks, like tattoos, moles, or birthmarks.
  • Set up geo-restriction options to block users connecting with IP addresses from chosen areas. Be aware that access to your cam will not be restricted to users who access from the same network as yours. This issue could also occur if you connect from a mobile that has assigned generic IPs, or if a person located in an area that you have blocked, connects through IPs assigned outside of it.
  • You can block or mute specific users. Just click on the username and choose the option you want.
  • You can activate the "DMCA protection badge" in your broadcast Settings  to improve security.
  • And above all, use common sense, don't do anything you could regret later. 


Keep safe and enjoy! Ensure your satisfaction with us by following the above guidelines.

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